Themes, Slogans, Ads
(supplied by Terry O'Malley)

  1. Carling Red Cap. Forever.
  2. Come on out and be part of a horse race. Thatís right, a horse race.
    (Ontario Jockey Club)
  3. Are you missing out on something great? Seven Up.
  4. The Construction Safety Association of Ontario. We Worry.
  5. The trend today is to DuMaurier.
  6. Only VO is VO.
  7. Show your cheddar more warmth. Take it out of the fridge more often.
    (Dairy Bureau)
  8. America borders on the magnificent.
    (Federal Department of Tourism)
  9. Ontario. Itís Incredible.
  10. At Gulf. We Hurry.
  11. Stand up for Steeler.
  12. Pollution Probe. Do it.
  13. More than the price is right. But, by gosh, the price IS right.
  14. The Bank of Montreal. Weíre paying attention.
  15. The Bank of Montreal. It is possible.
  16. The Bank of Montreal. Letís talk.
  17. Dairy Bureau of Canada. Butter it!
  18. Insurance Bureau of Canada. Talk with us, not about us.
  19. There are no other kinds, once youíve tasted Heinz.
  20. Bauer / Cooper. The name names wear.
  21. Amstel. We have one for you.
  22. Ontario Apple Commission. You can hear the freshness.
  23. Toronto means a lot to the Star.
  24. Woolco. Where low prices are just the beginning.
  25. M&M Meat Shops. So nice to come home to.
  26. Mastercard. The only card you need.
  27. Quebec Tourism. Bonjour.
  28. Thereís a place for vou in Erin Mills.
  29. Itís Canada on the move. Discovery Train.
  30. This is more than an election. Itís your future.
    (Federal election, 1988)
  31. No wonder everyone sings about it. Irish Tourist Board.
  32. Amstel. Youíre into something good.
  33. Insurance Bureau of Canada. Free Enterprise.
  34. IBC. The national driving test.
  35. Ontario Jockey Club. Youíve gotta be there.
  36. White Rose. What kind of name is that for an oil company.
  37. Cherry Blossom. Donít be shy.
  38. Art Gallery of Ontario. Come on and see whatís going on at the gallery.
  39. Smoking. It will suck the life right out of you.
  40. Merit Clothing. Taking it to the street.
  41. Council on Drug Abuse. Do you know what you are doing?
  42. CTC. The world needs more Canada.
  43. Good for the future. Good for you. Good for Canada.
    (Olympic Coin Program, 1976)
  44. Imperial Life. Give us a minute and weíll cover you for life.